Concrete Crushers

These powerful Hydraulic Jaws can effortlessly crunch through reinforced concrete up to 550mm thick. A much quieter procedure than hydraulic pecking. The large CC560 Crusher harnessed to a powerful BROKK 330 is seen here at the Arndale Centre, Manchester, cutting effortlessly through reinforced concrete wall sections

We offer a range of Crushers, all available to hire with BROKKUK's Husqvarna and BROKK Demolition Robots. Get in touch to learn more.

ModelJaw openingRebarsShearing capWeightSuitable for
CC260 256 mm/10 in - 220 kN/22 ton/
49460 lbf
Brokk 50
CC320 320 mm/12.6 in 020 mm/0.8 in 350 kN/35,6 ton/
78700 lbf
308 lb
Brokk 90
CC42D 420 mm/16.5 in 028mm/l.lin 374kN/38,1 ton/
84075 lbf
265 kg/
Brokk 180
CC560 560 mm/22 in 028mm/l.lin 510kN/52 ton/
114650 lbf
492 kg/
1085 lb
Brokk 330D, 400

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