Clamshell Buckets

Ideal for excavation operations, landscaping, trench digging, handling of logs and more. Available to hire with BROKK UK's HUSQVARNA and BROKK Demolition Robots

ModelWeightVolumeOpening rangeload capacitySuitable for
C02H-25 11Okg/240 lb 251/0.9cu ft 667 mm/26 in 1000 kg/2200 lb Brokk 90
C03H-30 175 kg/385 lb 651/2.3cu ft 879 mm/34.6 in 1500 kg/3300 lb Brokk 180
C05HPX-40 275 kg/605 lb 1151/4.1cu ft 1124mm/Min 3000 kg/6600 lb Brokk 330, 400


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